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SharePoint for SDES

1: Know Your NID and Password


Your NID (Network ID) is the key to accessing several central computing systems on campus, including MyUCF, Outlook/Exchange e-mail, the UCF wireless networks, and SharePoint. You will need to be familiar with your NID and your NID password to access and use SharePoint at SDES.

If you are fairly certain of both your NID and password but are refused access to SharePoint, attempt to reset your NID password.

2: Login to SharePoint


Click the link below to access the SDES SharePoint site. You will be prompted for your NID and NID Password.

If you are using Internet Explorer and are only asked for a password, click Use Another Account. You'll be provided with blank login window. In the user field, type net\ and then your NID. Then type your password in the password field.